The Logi Negoti Card System

What if Tarot and Rorschach joined forces to tell the stories of our dreams?
Or even plant the seeds of what we wish to experience throughout our conscious experience?

The Logi Negoti© Card System was created using an AI image generation interface, very minimal instruction and – most importantly – very potent directed thought. The experiment to create the first round of images was conducted over a series of nights following guided dreamwork. The results (if you blur your eyes) may look like traditional Tarot or even oracle decks but are highly abstract arrangements of images, color, and archetypal insinuations.

The idea is simple: there is no interpretation. That’s up to the holder of the deck. They could be drawn together to elicit a story, compose a dream sequence in the awake time, incubate a dream, or develop a shared dream motif within a dream crafting group.

The cards are available in a variety of ways. As a physical deck with a booklet, as a downloadable package, and in individual and group dreamwork cards can be created on the fly and incorporated into specially printed mini-decks. These, of course, are arranged with Soularity after involvement with our dream crafting sessions.

The deck we offer (OMG am I even saying this?) has 107 cards. Because of printing limitations and daily life, not every card could be printed during the inspired nights of wrangling with the AI angel. Subsequent decks will be printed as gifts, and art will be made and distributed at will because we see this as a sort of Cosmic Poke Back.

LOGI NEGOTI is a term that came from a dream, which seemed appropriate when considering a name for this system. A dream figure was lecturing: “there is no social change without psychic change” and that we need to be emboldened by something more than introspection on levels both cellular and galactic. “Other beings have been doing it for millennia, and humans are just now putting on capes and calling it magick.” A concept this figure was most fierce about in this the dream was the term LOGI NEGOTI.

It boringly translates in Latin to “business logs.’ In the dream, however, he said it was a “sacred arbitrative force between worlds inner and outer.” It’s fully automatic, but humans have failed to utilize the force as a wondrous process. His name is John EL Tenney, and I highly encourage you to look him up. He is a good man in every sense of the word.

Dream terminology, often nonsensical at the time, can prove to be a harbinger. May it be so for you, and may the LOGI NEGOTI Cards be of service in that creation.

To order a “poker sized” deck 108 card deck directly from the printer, click here! It’s $62.50 plus shipping with links to a digital booklet. Most orders have a 8-10 day turnaround time.
A “Tarot sized” 110 card deck is $75, presently ordered directly from us with a few extra shipping days, because it’s complicated so CONTACT US! There’s direct and secure payment info on our contact page, please and thanks.

Request a dreamwork session which includes unique card/artwork generation, or find out what in the heck all this is about anyway.