Dreams Are Your Own Open Source Study of Consciousness

Dreamworking with a motivated peer group creates a catalyst for transpersonal discovery and change. Beginning with simple, proven techniques which validate the individual while destigmatizing dream sharing, Soularity DreamCraft asserts personal experience over socially reinforced constructs of meanings and values.


The Soularity Protocol elicits rapidly improved dream recall.


It is critical that we restore dreaming as a social asset.


Affirming ongoing tone & continuity with awake time.


Dream telling enriches our lives & fosters community growth.

Questions Instead of Answers

Jay is far from the founder of any technique or method. Rather, he is attempting to organize nearly innumerable methods into purpose-ready formats for those who are curious about these daily episodes of conscious activity with too few ways of describing them. Think about it: water takes so many forms, and rightly is given plenty of synonyms to describe the changes in quality. The word dream is itself loaded with cultural baggage.

Dreams require a vast array of tools to examine them, possibly infinite. As no living being is like another, no approach will be like another. The combinations required are wonderfully endless, as are the possibilities at the end of all of our existential questions. Jay believes all of these lead us to an enthralling opportunity; to become pioneers at the frontier of consciousness itself. We are all guerilla scientists, taking over the laboratory every single night.

Rather than attempting to answer the question of what dreams are, perhaps the greatest utility that awaits us is to discover what purpose they can serve not just for ourselves as iotas of sentience, but as aggregates of a vast, eternal sentience. The Earth, the Universe, all of this matter which has come together to deliver these messages is the mystery into which all of our days ultimately return to. Our work calls us to honor its source.

In our work with dreams, we ask a lot of questions. Only you will know the answers. The relationship is inverse- our work is percipient primary, meaning that the dreamer is always the gateway to understanding. The guide is merely the keeper of tools which connect comprehending correlations together, thereby crafting a deepened relationship for all within the experience of a shared dream. There are no symbol dictionaries, no certain meanings, no absolutes.

In Awake Time


Soularity DreamCraft is offering seminars on a variety of topics and will be adding expanded offerings in the near future. Jay is also making appearances on upcoming podcasts, which will be linked after release. Current seminar topics include:

– Intoxication and Triggering Dreams for Recovering Populations

– Introduction to Soularity DreamCraft

– Overview of Modern Dreamwork Methods (General Audiences)

– The Inherent Phenomenology of Dreamwork in Consciousness Studies

– Soularity DreamCraft Closed Groups

– The Guerilla Scientist: The Radical Dreamer

jay joslin & friends

The neuroscientist and rapscallion John Lilly called himself “a student of the unexpected.” Jay thinks that’s really the only title that fits, and he wishes that was the descriptor he ever needed. Alas. Folks need more in order to feel comfortable, and that’s just fine.

Jay is a counselor with a background in trauma, attachment and addiction. He’s worked in crisis environments as well as founding and developing the curriculum of a therapeutic residential program in Asheville, NC. He’s also an interfaith minister of ritual in the leadership of Jubilee, a progressive and inclusive community. When he was a teenager, he was first exposed to Jungian-Senoi Dreamwork, which stuck with him through some profoundly painful and powerful times. Dreams have figured largely in his creative work, and following a phenomenal experience in 2019 which involved brain surgery and other unexpected guests, he was formally reengaged in this work with his dreamwork mentor Donna Glee Williams (her teacher was Dr. Jeremy Taylor). Further synchronistic events led him to another tribe of esoteric miscreants with whom he began to explore the magical side of dreaming. With their inspiration he’s developed this method, which includes the Logi Negoti Card System. It’s nice to accomplish a thing or two.

This merry band of friends (The Clubhouse Oneironauts) have helped form the basis of the Soularity method, which continues to evolve. Jay belongs to the professional member organization the International Associations for the Study of Dreams, and has received certification through the Institute for Dream Studies as a Certified Dreamwork Professional (CPD). He is also a member of the Institute of Noetic Sciences and at least one Super Secret Society.

But… so are you. Wink.


Doing this work evolved from an excitement over the very first remembered dream (Darth Vader in my childhood bedroom). Everything we do is an extension of our first experiences, the formative firmament on which we build our lives. Below are notable professional and personal experiences which have further the incitement of insight in this study of consciousness:

  • 18 years old: exposed to Jungian-Senoi Dreamwork for the first time, thought it was cool.
  • Eight years later, after getting his sh*t a little bit more together, re-approached it seriously.
  • 2003-2013 Dreams frequently involved in primary/secondary trauma as crisis mental health counselor.
  • 2019 Following deep brain tumor removal, dreams intensified & joined Jungian-Senoi focused dreamwork group (ongoing).
  • 2019-2022 Ongoing development of the Soularity Method (the name had changed a bit, the core ideas continue to grow).
  • 2019-2022 Individual dreamwork with student of Dr. Jeremy Taylor as aspect of ongoing Mentorship.
  • 2020 After a year of intensive mentorship, started Oneironauts group for patrons of a museum of phenomenological studies (ongoing).
  • 2020 Membership, International Association for the Study of Dreams (ongoing).
  • 2021 Membership, Institute for Noetic Sciences (ongoing).
  • 2021-2022 Monthly webinars and research studies, Institute for Noetic Sciences.
  • 2021 Jung Platform, attended the following summits: Dreams and Your Personal Journey (Jan.), Call and Purpose (May), Soulful Life (Oct.).
  • 2021 International Association for the Study of Dreams (Online) Conference
  • 2021 Shift Network, attended the Ancestral Healing Summit
  • 2021 Podcast guest, “Beyond the Looking Glass”
  • 2021-2022 Student, Institute for Dream Studies Professional Certification Program (ongoing, July 2022)
  • 2022 Shift Network, attended Dreamwork Summit
  • 2022 Facilitated workshop on encountering triggering and substance use dreams (professional practicum); offering 5 week course to inpatient facilities.
  • 2022 Jung Platform, will be attending Dreams and Your Personal Journey summit (June 2022).
  • 2022 International Association for the Study of Dreams Conference, Tucson AZ (July 2022)
  • Upcoming: appearances on two podcasts in summer/fall, one podcast in development (“Electric Pajamas”); local workshops in the Asheville, NC area.