Souls in Solidarity Crafting a New Working of Dreams

Restoring Dreams from Woo to Wow.

We Believe in Transforming the Narrative of Dreams from the Whimsical to the Immanently Practical, Creating a New Open Source Science for Everyone.
While enjoying the thrill of it all.

Dreams are the Decentralized Study of Consciousness for Everyone.

Soularity DreamCraft follows a tradition that dreams are gifts to all who are touched by them. These gifts are keys to collective understanding of the phenomena of awareness, where all possibilities are valid.

The Way of “Both, And, Maybe”

Dreams teach us that we live in a world that is potent and reflective of a reality which transcends “either/or.” This revealed state of consciousness illumines our awake time with lessons from the night side.

What Are Dreams?

We Savor The Opportunity of Not-Knowing; Being in Mystery Necessitates Curiosity.


Neuroscience along with more than a century of research has mapped out a “hardware/software” model of dreams which create logical systems of stimuli assimilation.


Indigenous societies have depended on dreams to inform awake time; we believe in deep and reverential learning from these traditions ethically & honorably.


While modern dream research has built extensive theory, abundant evidence asserts a phenomenal basis enfolding the dream experience which exceeds rationality.


It’s time for dreams to lead us into acceptance; all concepts are possible and welcomed. Your own experience is the most important voice in a global conversation.

What is Soularity DreamCraft?

We present a synthesis of trusted dreamwork methods which have established roots in conjunction with experiential techniques developed over the course of several years with a variety of workers and experts in the field. There are even geekier ways of saying it! Soularity evolves along these lines:

  • Community of dreamers conjunctively intertwining
  • Holistic & somatic immersion into mythos
  • Accessibly modeling continuities of consciousness
  • Networked through any medium to invoke broadest dialogues
  • Dreaming with intent to effect change on magical scales.

Why Soularity? It’s Solidarity through the Soul.